Group of Plant Genomics

Kristine Margaryan

Head of the group, PhD

Group members

Gayane Melyan, PhD
Bella Grigoryan, PhD

General information

The Group of Plant Genomics was established in 2012. The research group is focused on the comprehensive
characterization of plant genetic resources and on understanding what factors guide the distribution of genetic
variation across plant genomes, and how this drives phenotypic variation in traits that are of adaptive or economic
importance. We are also interested in understanding the genetic architecture of plant adaptation in changing climatic
conditions, the importance of factors driving genome-wide variation in genetic diversity and how different types of
genomics data can be integrated into innovative plant breeding programs.
For the last ten years, one of the main pillars was a multidisciplinary characterization of Armenian grape genetic
resources, based on its ampelographic, eno-carpological, genetic characteristics and genomics. The knowledge of
genetic diversity and relationships among grapevine varieties is important to recognize gene pools, identify
differences in germplasm collections and develop effective conservation and management strategies.
Based on realized large-scale research forwarded on the assessment of Vitis genetic resources in Armenia, the first
Armenian Vitis database has been established with the support of the Vine and Wine
Foundation of Armenia. AVD is available and linked to the Vitis International Variety Catalogue, VIVC and Chinese database.
The group realized several cooperative projects with international institutions, such as the University of Milan, Italy,
Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof, Germany, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, Germany,
Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection, CNR, Bari, Italy etc.

Current Research Projects

  •  «Molecular characterization of grapevine virus diseases in Armenian National grapevine collection for the
    purpose of healthy stock material production», SC RA / 21T-1F076
     «Promotion of grapevine diversity conservation and mobilization of adaptive traits», ANSO Collaborative
    Research Project (Armenia-China-France) / ANSO-CR-PP-2020-04

Selected publications

1. Margaryan K, Melyan G, Röckel F, Töpfer R, Maul E. Genetic Diversity of Armenian Grapevine (Vitis vinifera
L.) Germplasm: Molecular Characterization and Parentage Analysis. Biology (Basel). 2021 Dec 6;10(12):1279.
doi: 10.3390/biology10121279
2. Nikoghosyan M, Schmidt M, Margaryan K, Loeffler-Wirth H, Arakelyan A, Binder H. SOMmelier-Intuitive
Visualization of the Topology of Grapevine Genome Landscapes Using Artificial Neural Networks. Genes
(Basel). 2020 Jul 17;11(7):817. doi: 10.3390/genes11070817
3. Tovmasyan A, Babayan N, Poghosyan D, Margaryan K, Harutyunyan B, Grigoryan R, Sarkisyan N, Spasojevic
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