Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics

Professor Levon Yepiskoposyan

Head of the laboratory, DSc

Laboratory members

Zaruhi Khachatryan, Ph.D.
Senior researcher
Armine Davtyan
PhD student
Satenik Mkrtchyan
Senior laboratory assistant
Karine Avetisyan
Senior laboratory assistant
Bagrat Galstyan
Senior laboratory assistant

General information

The laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics (initially a Group of Human Genetics) was founded in 2007. The main
scope of our activity is the reconstruction of the genetic history of Armenians and other neighboring peoples of the
Near East and the South Caucasus. Recently the laboratory has been actively involved in international projects
aiming to study ancient DNA (aDNA) extracted from human and animal fossils of different age strata.

Current Research Projects

  • «Dissecting different strata of the armenian gene pool», SC RA / 21AG-1F025

Selected publications

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