Laboratory of Microbial Genomics

Anahit Sedrakyan

Head of the laboratory, PhD

Laboratory members

Alvard Hovhannisyan, PhD
Karine Arakelova
Magdalina Zakharyan
Junior researcher
Shoghik Hakobyan
PhD studentt

General information

The research activities of the laboratory are focused on the most common foodborne bacterial pathogens circulating
in Armenia for developing the appropriate strategies to control the most common foodborne diseases in Armenia.
One of the research tasks of the laboratory is to study the potential of bacteriophages showing activity against
multidrug-resistant isolates of bacterial pathogens circulating in Armenia to control bacterial infections and spread of
antimicrobial resistance.

Current Research Projects

  • In-depth characterization of human isolates of the most common in Armenia bacterial enteric pathogens displaying
    multi-drug resistance phenotype to improve antimicrobial therapy approaches and trace the emergence and lineage of
    clinically problematic and/or epidemiologically successful clones of these pathogens in Armenia.

Selected publications

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    2022 Aug 18;23(16):9330. doi: 10.3390/ijms23169330
    2. Sedrakyan AM, Ktsoyan ZA, Arakelova KA, Zakharyan MK, Hovhannisyan AI, Gevorgyan ZU, Mnatsakanyan
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    3. Ktsoyan Z, Budaghyan L, Agababova M, Mnatsakanyan A, Arakelova K, Gevorgyan Z, Sedrakyan A,
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